The Best Chocolate Drinks for Home and Parties

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People often like to eat chocolate in candies or baked goods. However, asides from chocolate milk, most people rarely consume any other chocolate beverage. Here are some of the favorite chocolate drinks that can be prepared at home and even served at a party:

Vanilla Cream Cocoa – Cocoa is a popular drink and with some minor additions, you can make an unforgettable party drink. This is a smooth and tall chocolate drink mixed from a blend of chocolate ice cream, Sprite, whipped cream, and chocolate milk. Serve in a tall glass as soon as it is whipped up. No use letting it stand and getting warm!

Non Alcoholic Spicy Chocolate Martini – for those who like chocolate and spice, add ginger ale, chocolate milk, coffee and cinnamon. Pour all ingredients in a shaker with ice and just shake. Strain and pour in glasses. If cinnamon is not available, substitute with chili.

Bananarama – this is a drink for those who like bananas and chocolate together. Mix some banana puree, chocolate ice cream, cocoa syrup, vanilla extract, a cup of milk and one large banana. Whip the lot up in a mixer with lots of ice. Serve in glasses and top with shaved chocolate and whipped cream.

Chocolate-Cherry Delight – Mix in a cocktail shaker amaretto flavoring, grenadine syrup, chocolate syrup and heavy cream. Pour into glasses. For added effect, add a cherry or two into the drink.

Hot Cocoa – This classic drink is a sure hit for everyone. But instead of just using sugar, add something different to give the taste a little bit of twist. Try adding maple syrup or honey. Do the usual, mix and heat but add the marshmallow in while still simmering and wait till they are fully melted. Ladle into mugs and top up with more marshmallows if the drinker wants some. Hot cocoa is a popular favorite that everyone is sure to love.

Chocolate drinks can be served at all times during the year and come in hot and cold varieties. Complement them with candy, cookies, and other sweets to have an unforgettable party.


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